Best Paper

2012 – Welcoming International Students to Indiana

by Margaret Dalrymple and Bethany Butson

2013 – A Look in the Mirror: Comprehensive Internal Assessment of an IR Office

by Don Sprowl and Tony Parandi

2014  – Using NSSE to Understand Student Success: A multiyear analysis

by Stefano Fiorini, Tao Liu, Linda Shepard, and Judith Ouimet

2015 – 

2016  – GPA, Retention, and Graduation in Living-Learning Communities: A Multi-Method Study

by Tao Liu, Stefano Fiorini and Linda Shepard

2017  – Engaging Undergraduate College Students in Extra-Curricular Research: the AIRCats Model

by Don Sprowl, Tony Parandi, Sara Starkey, Jaclyn Story