2018 Pre-Conference

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If you are attending the pre-conference session portion of the conference, please select the sessions that you plan to attend by using the following link: Pre-Conference Sessions. They are open to everyone.

Please make your pre-conference selections by Monday, March 19th at noon.

Pre-Conference Session Details:

Select the pre-conference sessions that you plan to attend. Pre-conference sessions take place on Thursday, March 22nd between the hours of 8:00am-11:00am at the Omni Severin hotel in Indianapolis, IN.

Note: For those planning to attend the pre-conference sessions, early conference registration will be available starting at 7:30am, ending at 11:00am in the Mezzanine. If you have any questions or concerns about the pre-conference session program, please email Brooke Moreland at bromorel@iupui.edu.​

8:00-11:00 am | R for IR: A Brief Introduction for Institutional Research Professionals

Presenter(s): Brendan Dugan, NSSE Research Analyst, Center for Post-secondary Research/ Indiana University School of Education

About: This workshop kindly and briefly introduces analysts to the open-source statistical programming language, R. R’s capacity to flexibly handle a wide variety of common IR tasks, from data cleaning to reporting, makes it an ideal tool for analysts. Attendees will work through foundational concepts for working with R, from vectors and environments to simple functions and mathematical operations to control structures. Attendees will also work through the basic stages of research: data import, cleaning, and manipulation; hypothesis testing; reporting and visualization. R syntax, data files, and resources for further learning will be provided. Participants do not need prior R or other programming experience, but familiarity with Excel functions and other statistical software syntax (SPSS, MATLAB, SAS, Python, Stata) is beneficial. R and Rstudio should be installed prior to the workshop.

8:00-11:00am | Reporting with R: It’s Easier Than You Think

Presenter(s): Alex Axthelm, Data Analyst, Indiana Commission for Higher Education

About: Reporting with R: It’s Easier Than You Think. Have you heard that R will make your job easier? Maybe you downloaded it once but were scared off? That’s okay. In this gentle, beginner-friendly hands-on workshop, you will use R to develop a simple, but impressive report. We will create a report from start to finish using relevant (IR) examples and real data. We will cover: (1) Importing data, (2) Cleaning and Summarizing, (3) Plotting, (4) Building a snazzy (interactive!) report using RMarkdown, and (5) Automating your repetitive work. To help ensure that workshop time can be used effectively, please follow the instructions at https://imsva91-ctp.trendmicro.com:443/wis/clicktime/v1/query?url=https%3a%2f%2fgithub.com%2fIndianaCHE%2fR%2dWorkshop%2dINAIR%2d2018&umid=79086174-6765-8105-AD51-AC89D2B5B266&auth=8a5980d4d8120dbfd7a642d3e3e39c583ef9bd27-698cf10d907fa63194b5d2517eae5b012b6197b7 to download the data and applications needed.

8:00-9:30am | Lean Continuous Improvement & Its Application with Institutional Research, Assessment, Planning, Accreditation, Effectiveness, Analytics, & Beyond 

Presenter(s): Nathan Bohlmann, Director, Business Intelligence & Operational Performance,  Milton Flournoy, Process Improvement Specialist/ IU School of Medicine

About: This session will focus on the Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM)’s experience in shifting its paradigm on accreditation from being an “audit” to an opportunity to enable a systematic approach towards continually improving the school’s student services and instructional activities.The core idea of Lean is to maximize the value provided to those we serve (e.g. students) while minimizing the amount of wasteful activity. Key to this effort is performance management and how these measures are used in identifying opportunities to continually improve. This session will discuss hoe Lean’s continuous improvement concepts are applicable and complimentary to the work of institutional research, assessment, effectiveness, analytics, and beyond. Finally, this session will provide participants with a foundation of Lean concepts and provide information on how to learn more about the application of continuous process improvement inside and outside the work place.

8:30-11:00am | Newcomer’s Workshop

Presenter(s): Andrea Ingle, Associate Director, University Institutional Research and Reporting, Indiana University  & Nandini Ramaswamy, Director, Institutional Research and Assessment, Butler University

About: Those new to the IR field are encouraged to attend this workshop. Attendees will participate in an informal discussion about institutional research and will learn general concepts, identify resources, discuss practical strategies and be oriented to the functions of institutional research. Note: Attendees will have to bring a laptop with them to the session.

9:45-10:30am | ICHE Initiative and Policy Update

Presenter(s): Sean Tierney, Associate Commissioner for Policy and Research, Indiana Commission for Higher Education

About: This session will provide an update on statewide initiatives and policies supporting the Indiana Commission for Higher Education’s strategic plan Reaching Higher, Delivering Value. A specific focus on data metrics behind current state initiatives will be provided. The session will also highlight collaborative work among state agencies, post-secondary institutions, and employers to support education/workforce alignment. Updates on data sharing and linking to workforce data through Indiana’s Management Performance Hub will be also be provided.

10:40-11:00am | Serving the State of Indiana: Understanding the Open Roles of the INAIR Executive Board

Presenter(s): Michael King & Ron Severtis

About: Learn about the available positions on the INAIR executive board for the 2018-2019 year.​